I think I lost everybody.  I just feel that way.  People close their mind on me.  I just think so.  I felt left out.  The people are the one nearest to me.  They are too selfish.  I just hope they are happy whatever they are doing.  And they get whatever they wish.

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Ita and Ucin were home since Sunday 26 July 2009 by about 8.00 pm. UITM is having its holiday, whatever you called it because of H1N1. Ucin went back to his rented house early, last Wednesday because he refuse to compete for the broadband with Ita.
Today Sunday the three of us went to KLCC and the PC Fair. I bought myself a new Swatch, cost me RM325.00. I bought Ita her Celcom Broadband cost me RM249 + RM98 (this 98 will be monthly). Bought her a blouse in Isetan.
Actually he was also on holiday also as his students was also diagnosed as having H1N1 since Wednesday for a week.
At one time all the five of us were home.


Ita is now starting her studies in UITM doing Acturial Science. I just hope she can do it smoothly. I don’t consider getting straight A’s is a good idea for her conditions.
So I and Ucin sent her this morning about 8.00 am from Semashur home. What I want to say is in three days time our nuclear family is moving to back to our KL house. So once you leave Semashur just now you won’t be coming back here ever. We had sent you before to SM Teknik, Seri Manjung and to KMK from Semashur home but since our time is limited in Semashur, we have to continue our life. Thank you Semashur once again


I have to take amlodipine 5mg after visiting the doctor. I had headache for more than once these few days and it happened every time I bent down. The first time was when I had my sholat for ruku’. Actually all these while I denied that I had this hypertension. My younger sister once told me, ‘How come you don’t have it? I am younger than you and I have got it’ . If I am not mistaken just now I had 160/115. So I have come to term – I have to accept it. I know I am not young but I always thought I am quite healthy even though I am not that fit to run about. Bless me.


Today her matriculation results is made known through on-line. I am indeed very happy because she gets A- for Chemistry and B+ for Mathematics and Physics. She managed a B for English. I am shukur for her because of her conditions and our busy times with her. I am damned happy and her father is surprised for her results. I just hoped she can enter u, which ever will do so long it is near home. So that it is easy for us to visit her later. Love you my girl. Allah bless us all.


Well Ita is already home for four weeks. I think I was busy with other Blogs that I forgot about this one. Once she is home in a way I was sad because it is not going to be easy to visit my father in Kangar. All these while I used to visit him every time I went to see Ita in KMK. It is about forty km from KMK. Hope he is alright.

Ita is coming home

0321Somehow I am very happy knowing she is going to be home.  Hope she can get a place in U which is nearby KL.   May be because she is far north that I am indeed happy we don’t have to travel so far any more.